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M4 F82/F83 [2014-present] - Engine oil service with microfilter, air filter & spark plugs

NOTE: This price includes resetting your completed service indicators on your vehicle, your key and updating your online digital service history via our authorised secure BMW login.

M4 F82/F83 [2014-present] - Oil & Filter Service with Microfilter, air filter and spark plugs.

Our BMW Service exceeds the manufacturers own service requirements.

On All M-Models all filters used are high quality genuine BMW components which ensures we protect the validity of your vehicles manufacturers warranty.

We only use high-grade BMW approved oil.

We only allow our skilled BMW trained technicians to conduct work on your vehicle.

All work and components are guaranteed by us for 12 months or 12000 miles, whichever is the sooner.. 

Our BMW M Engine oil service with microfilter, air filter & spark plugs

consists of the following;

  • Engine oil is drained and the engine is refilled with BMW approved oil 
  • Oil filter is removed and replaced with a Genuine BMW oil filter
  • Cabin Microfilter(s) is removed and replaced with a Genuine BMW microfilter
  • Air Filter is removed and replaced with a Genuine BMW air filter
  • Spark plugs removed and replaced with BMW approved spark plugs
  • For vehicles over 10 years old this may be referred to as an Inspection lI service. Please refer to your owner's manual or speak to your service advisor for more information
  • Reset service indicator on I-drive
  • Update Digital Service History


Your BMW Digital Service History

Here at PSC we are registered with BMW UK as an Independent Repair Centre and  are fully authorised by BMW to update your online Digital Service Record.

We access your vehicle’s online Digital Service Record via our registered BMW Dealer Portal, allowing us to log all servicing works carried out on your vehicle to keep your service history up to date. Not only do you receive a printed hard copy of your service receipt/invoice when you collect your vehicle but we will also email you the BMW Digital Service Record log of any servicing works completed on your vehicle.

All BMW vehicles built from 2010 onwards now have their entire service history stored electronically in a secure online database. Vehicles registered before that date will remain with the conventional paper service booklet and will be stamped by us accordingly.


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