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Haldex four wheel drive oil and filter changes. The forgotten oil change.

February 13, 2017 8 Comments

Haldex four wheel drive oil and filter changes. The forgotten oil change.

If your VAG Group vehicle has four wheel drive it's likely the real wheels are driven through a Haldex coupling located alongside the differential, depending on your exact model. Whatever the model, it will require regular oil and filter changes; just like your engine does.

Haldex oil should be replaced every 20,000 miles and the filter replaced every 40,000 miles.


Unfortunately it was too late for this customer!
On the left you see the old thick, black Haldex Oil complete with metal filings. On the right is how it should look. A clear honey colour.

The Haldex Coupling is a very sophisticated piece of engineering and it needs to be looked after with regular oil changes.

The coupling is a submerged, multi-plate, wet clutch system that engages upon slip and transfers power to the rear final drive. The Haldex Coupling is a separate component to the rear final drive, but is directly attached to it. The system is computer controlled with very fine engineering tolerances. If the Haldex oil is dirty, it can damage other components and affect performance.

Dirty oil can overheat the coupling or cause the clutches to burn out. It can also burn out the Haldex Pump and will lead to loss of rear drive and eventual failure.

The Haldex pump pre-charges the oil inside the Haldex assembly to allow the coupling to engage faster. This part is prone to failure on higher mileage cars, or if regular maintenance in not performed. If your pump is faulty you may experience loss of engine power to the rear wheels due to the pump becoming contaminated with old fluid and no longer activating.

The Haldex 4WD system is currently used in the following vehicle models:

  • Audi A3 quattro
  • Audi S3
  • Audi Q3
  • Audi TT quattro
  • SEAT León 4
  • SEAT Altea Freetrack 4
  • SEAT Alhambra 4
  • Skoda Octavia 4x4
  • Skoda Superb 4x4
  • Skoda Yeti 4x4 (Haldex Fourth Gen)
  • Skoda Yeti Outdoor 4x4 (Haldex Fifth Gen)
  • VW Golf R
  • VW Bora 4motion
  • VW New Beetle RSi
  • VW Passat 4motion B6 Platform
  • VW CC 4motion
  • VW Sharan 4motion
  • VW Tiguan
  • VW Golf IV 4motion
  • VW Multivan 4motion
  • VW Caddy 4motion
  • VW Transporter 4motion

Book your Haldex oil change today.

8 Responses

kevin waugh
kevin waugh

January 24, 2020

hi have a audi q3 reg kx63byz witch haldex does it have and what oil and filter


January 24, 2020

Does my skoda yeti 4×4 have a filter in the hadlex skoda swansea
Said it does not have one in it also how much for you to do sev on hadlex web ce66ycc 30.000 miles

Maciej Stachurski
Maciej Stachurski

August 06, 2019

I changed oil in diff and Haldex (4gen) on my Freelander 2 just yesterday.
Today I went for a longer trip and I’ve got a bad pulling/tuging/jerking behaviour when I drives about 70mph. It’s happening from time to time. Single pull, like slipping clutch or something or like something is pulling me to the back, but just for a single second, It’s hard to explain. When I drives slow it’s works normal.
When I was changing oils I removed the pump out and spray it with a bit of a brake cleaner, I took filter out but only clean it and I put it back because I had wrong filter wih me (3gen). New one should come tomorrow. I used recommended geniune Volvo oils.
Please help.
Many thanks.


July 19, 2019

Allen. No your A6 doesn’t have a Haldex. Audi use Haldex on transverse engines yours is torsen based.


March 31, 2019

I got and Audi a6 3.0 quattro
Just been told I might have haldex?
Might ?
Do I or dont I

tony rints
tony rints

March 21, 2019

I have VW Tiguan serviced from new at same VW main dealer. Last service Feb 2019. (104000) approx.
Returned car last week for water / roof problem and VW service asked about Haldex oil and filter.
If this requires oil and filter ay 20k & 40k would this have been included during service. This is first time I have heard about Haldex.
Please advise.
Thank you.

Barry Smith
Barry Smith

August 22, 2018

L.R seem to be blind to the haldex, they say it’s a sealed for life unit and dosnt require servicing,,,,,,,I can understand why they might say this if they have ever tried to service one on a post 2010 vehicle,It’s a wonderfull design,(not) the pump is so close to the drive flange that you have to drop the propshaft and remove the flange to get at it

Tim shelley
Tim shelley

July 04, 2018

Haldex are also fitted to Landrover Freelander……where they suffer the same problems!

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